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Get fully dedicated, pre-built and bare-metal servers delivered automatically. Start instantly and handle effortlessly.
Network Redundancy

Guaranteed network uptime of 99.9%

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Full Root Access

It offers complete control over the servers.

USA Dedicated Server, and Why It's Important ?

Perhaps you're not familiar with dedicated hosting and you've been told recently to utilize the Cheap Dedicated Server USA for your hosting. Having an understanding of what a dedicated server is will enable you to settle on a better choice. A dedicated server is known as a PC that is used to store the data essential for your site. At the point when a visitor gets to access your website page on your site, basically, they are accessing to the server through an internet browser

With a dedicated server, you increase better security, the capacity to deal with a bigger volume of traffic and numerous advantages compared with shared or VPS hosting packages.

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Awesome Dedicated Server Features

We provide you all the best features that others are missing
Enhanced Security

Dedicated servers provide an innately secure environment which is much better and robust than multi-tenant cloud or VPN. They also make compliance to protocols like HIPAA and PCI very easy.

High Performance

Our servers are built to deliver superior performance and ensure that your web server applications run smoothly without any issues. No one can steal your resources

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitors all types of switches, routers and firewall devices to ensure your network and servers are fully operational 24×7. rest assured that you are in good hands

Operating System

Choose your preferred operating system and get ASP.NET and MSSQL support for Windows or PHP and MySQL support for Linux

Seamless Connectivity

We provide guaranteed network uptime of 99.95% and go beyond to make it 100%, quickly scale up/down the resources to meet demands

World-Class Support

With our 10+ Years in datacenter experience, you're in safe hands. Serverwala is here for you around the clock, dedicated to serving you.

You Need Help - Check FAQ

Your questions, our answers
The maximum time that we quote for deploying a customized server is 24 hours. However, it take more or less 4 hours for us to finish our job post receiving the payment. Our pre-built and pre-configured servers don't take more than 10 minutes to get deployed.
We have also made the capacity of dedicated port (1Gbps) flexible for our clients, which could be easily maxed out whenever you require. Alongwith this, you also remain connected to a routed blend of 8 transit providers which are part of standard metered bandwidth tariffs. There will be no billing for overage on this plan unless you request for a 10Gbps port., making it capped at 1Gbps. If you happen to max out this port for an entire month, the throughput received will be 330TB.
We ensure deployment of server as soon as possible. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to setup our standard dedicated hosting server configurations. However, custom configurations and server add-ons may take a little longer.
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